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Frustration continues

Frustration continues. The lake level is still going up, even though the speed seems to have slowed down somewhat. The glacier next to the lake starts to make weird sounds. Continous cracking, buzzing and plumbing sounds. Something is going on. It’s just not draining yet.… Read More »Frustration continues

Annoying lake

The lake starts to annoy me. It is still not draining. Now we are almost a month behind last years drainage date. We have three field days left, will lose at least one due to a big storm coming. And the lake level keeps going… Read More »Annoying lake

It’s changing fast

The water level at the lake keeps rising and rising and rising. Luckily we moved our equipment (car battery, gas bottle,…) higher last time. It would have been under water otherwise. All the moraines are gone, everything is under water and still no drainage in… Read More »It’s changing fast

An expensive gamble

Spending the day dropping drifters in moulins. Crossing all over the glacier, walking as close as we can to the calving face of the glacier, trying to find more moulins. And they are just everywhere. Loads of water going into the glacier all over the… Read More »An expensive gamble

Time to get more crap up

More crap up the glacier. Looks like we are still not done installing our equipment everywhere on the glacier. We spent the entire day yesterday to get a seismometer up on the ice. And of course, the equipment wasn’t really designed for deployment in summertime.… Read More »Time to get more crap up

Looking for moulins

We are looking for moulins. Following the water along the glacier surface until it disappears under the snow close to the glacier front. Léo jumped on top of the snow depression, trying to break the snow plug, hoping to open up one of the several… Read More »Looking for moulins