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An expensive gamble

Spending the day dropping drifters in moulins. Crossing all over the glacier, walking as close as we can to the calving face of the glacier, trying to find more moulins. And they are just everywhere. Loads of water going into the glacier all over the place. Dropping more wooden logs down various moulins, continuing where we left last summer. And we finally dropped our new fancy generation of drifters. Shock-proofed and equipped with VHF radio senders after the experience we gathered last summer (equipment smashing into pieces down at the bottom of the moulins). While dropping the drifters down the moulins we had a team ready on the boat at the glacier front with a large radio antenna, waiting for the equipment to pop up. Well it never did. Again. Or: so far it didn’t. Turns out that there is still no water coming out of Kongsvegen. The glacier is just taking in loads and loads of water without releasing anything. At some point it will have to pop, hopefully with all our drifters and probably even with all the equipment we dumped in last autumn. And there is definitely something happening. Compared to last autumn there are now new crevasses opening across the scooter track and into the moraine. The sketchy thing: Within three days they grew a lot in size. Something is going on. Now we are eagerly waiting for the antennas at the glacier outlet to pickup a signal from the drifters reemerging into the ocean. Ready to drive out there at any time, before we lose contact with them when they travel out into the wider fjord. One big gamble.