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June 2021

The ice is coming up

2 days without fieldwork felt like being an alcoholic on depriviation. But finally we managed to get out again yesterday and pull a long day in the field. 9 hours at the lake in addition to all the time spent hiking up and down and… Read More »The ice is coming up

The gas bottle

I had to wait 4.5 years to repeat my steam drilling picture with Léo. Admittedly the light was better last time. Well you can’t compare October in Hornsund with June in Kongsfjorden. Please note the size of the gas bottle we are hauling around on… Read More »The gas bottle

Fools going for a glacier swim

Heavy fog is effectly forcing us to stay in town today. Moving in and out, making it hard to see even the houses in town. Well good time to sort through some pictures. Here is another one from fools going for a glacier swim.

A spooky place

Another long day on the glacier. The lake level is still going up by about 1.3 meters per day. My GPS is by now nicely centered in the middle of the lake (and probably 10 m under water). And we have reached the uplift stage.… Read More »A spooky place

The glacier hovercraft

May I present: The glacier hovercraft. Patent pending. Our long discussion solution which ended up working absolutely amazing. We felt like big idiots walking up the glacier with that thing, but it turned out marvelous on the way down. Far too much water up there… Read More »The glacier hovercraft

Made it

We made it. The laser scanner is back in town. Don’t ask how. Lots of wet feet, pants, backpacks, boots, some succesful jumps, even more unsuccesful ones and a lot of laughs about four idiots hauling around heavy crap on a glacier during the worst… Read More »Made it

Bad news

Taking it easier today after two long days on the glacier. Managed to sample four stations close to the glacier fronts with water samples and CTD profiles. The subglacial water started flowing and the fjord turns brown. Loads of wildlife as an effect of the… Read More »Bad news

The moulin is gone

More weet feet! The melt has now really been picking up. Meltwater is pooling all over the glacier and crossing it means going through snow with up to half a meter of ice water underneath. Sometimes we cross a passage, come back a few hours… Read More »The moulin is gone