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June 2021

Another wet feet day

And even more wet feet day. Water is forming everywhere now, with rivers and lakes all across our way. We had to open up new routes on the glacier today to avoid wading until our hips in ice water. And of course the lake keeps… Read More »Another wet feet day

The joys of water filtration

During our water sampling we have to rinse our syringes before the actual sampling. Someone clearly seemed to enjoy the process while hanging on a rope down a water filled moulin.

Spot the mooring!

A search image for the weekend: Can you find my orange mooring close to the glacier front? I’m actually surprised that it is still in the original place after 11 days of heavy calving, loads of waves and strong winds. Let’s hope that it will… Read More »Spot the mooring!

Fjord sampling day

The wind is still blowing quite heavy today and expected to become even worse tomorrow. We still managed to do some water sampling close to the glacier front and even opened a new sampling station close to the Kronebreen front. Now we are sampling both… Read More »Fjord sampling day

Expect the unexpected

And another day in the Arctic. Today we had a bigger team out in the field, as we were joined by two planetologists who normally study landforms on Mars but were interested to learn more about our lake. The snow pack becomes softer every day,… Read More »Expect the unexpected

Late night work

Late night laser scan. At the moment we seem to mainly do night shifts up there. There is always so much stuff to prepare in the mornings (e.g. programming 20 timelapse cameras) that we only make it out around lunch time. Then a 16 km… Read More »Late night work