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On this page you can find an overview of my peer-reviewed scientific publications sorted by year of appearance.

More information can also be found on my Researchgate profile:

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or via my ORCID iD: 0000-0003-1285-7936


Piho, L.*, Alexander, A.*, Kruusmaa, M.: Topology and spatial-pressure distribution reconstruction of an englacial channel, The Cryosphere, 16(9), 3669-3683,, 2022.
*Shared first co-authorship


Alexander, A.: The thermal impact of tourism on a Svalbard glacier cave, Czech Polar Reports 11 (1), 154-160,, 2021.

Alexander, A.: Measuring glacial channel hydrology, PhD thesis, University of Oslo, 2021.


Alexander, A., Kruusmaa, M., Tuhtan, J. A., Hodson, A. J., Schuler, T. V., and Kääb, A.: Pressure and inertia sensing drifters for glacial hydrology flow path measurements, The Cryosphere, 14, 1009–1023,, 2020.

Tuhtan, J.A., Alexander, A., Kruusmaa, M. and Fuentes-Pérez, J.F.: Multiscale Change Detection in a Supraglacial Stream Using Surface Drifters, Proceedings of the International Conference on River Flow 2020,, Delft, 2020.

Alexander, A., Obu, J., Schuler, T. V., Kääb, A., and Christiansen, H. H.: Subglacial permafrost dynamics and erosion inside subglacial channels driven by surface events in Svalbard, The Cryosphere,, 2020.


Alexander, A.: Numerical modeling of the cold based glacier Larsbreen in Svalbard, Master thesis, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 2017