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I regularly work as expedition leader and naturalist on small expedition ships in the polar regions (10 – 148 passengers). My goal is to facilitate safe exploration of the marvelous places our planet has to offer while at the same time educating about the mesmerizing natural world that surrounds as and raising awareness about its fragility. Out in the field I drive boats, lecture about natural history, lead mountain and glacier hikes, act as bear guard, provide simultaneous translations, plan and lead expeditions.

The areas I work in are Svalbard, Greenland, Norway, Jan Mayen, Scotland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, the Canadian Arctic, Labrador, Newfoundland, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctica and Patagonia. Currently I work with National Geographic/ Lindblad Expeditions and Mare/ MS Cape Race.

Do you need an experienced polar expedition leader/ guide , an enthusiastic natural history interpreter/lecturer or help with expedition planning? Then contact me.