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My research is focused around exploratory investigations of glacier hydrology across disciplines. Following the water from the genesis on ice surfaces over, through and under ice, all the way to its sink, I’m looking at ongoing processes and effects on surrounding systems (e.g. glaciers, ecosystems, ocean, rivers, caves, permafrost). Thereby I’m not only utilizing physical exploration of hard-to-access places (e.g. speleological investigations of glacial caves) but also explore the applicability of novel technology for glacier hydrological purposes (e.g. drifters, drones, ROVs, AUVs, gliders). As such I’m working with various air- and space borne remote sensing platforms and develop drifter based approaches for the remote study of underexplored subsurface flows. The geographical focus of my research lies on Svalbard, Greenland and Antarctica. Places, where I gathered intensive field experience. In addition, I love to organize and execute complex and difficult field projects. This field based, technology-driven approach allows me to obtain novel observations and knowledge of previously underexplored and thus understudied places.