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June 2021

An easy day

After a long day on the glacier, we took it a bit easier the day after. Just a few laser scans in the area and some water sampling on the fjord. Now we are ready for another long day on the ice.

Arctic crevasse crossing

A german on the eastern side and a french on the western side, digging trenches on the glacier. Both heavily armed. The way to cross a crevasse and moulin infested glacier in the Arctic.

Horizontal climbing

We spent another long day up on the glacier working at the lake. The lake and the surrounding moulins are filling up fast and there is still more than one meter of snow up there. Plenty of meltwater to come. We managed to install the… Read More »Horizontal climbing

A few timelapse cameras

Finally got out timelapse camera delivery. Now we have 20 timelapse cameras ready to be distributed along the glacier to monitor what is going on. We already installed the first one two days ago. 19 cameras to go. 

Evening sampling

Finishing off the day with some late evening water sampling close to the glacier front. We will keep sampling close to the glacier front over the coming weeks to establish how the nutrient concentration in the fjord is changing as an effect of water coming… Read More »Evening sampling

What a view

Nothing beats the view, when working on glaciers. Also a reason to not only work in caves. 


Sometimes you are just lucky. Two days ago I didn’t even know that we would have a solar eclipse in the Arctic today. Then we had a snow storm and I didn’t expect to see anything. But the snowstorm stopped for a few minutes during… Read More »Eclipse

Roping up

Time to get on the glacier surface. We spent the day yesterday opening up a safe route to our field site. After months of starring at high-resolution satellite images and mapping out loads of moulins and crevasses, we roped up and made our way. Planning… Read More »Roping up