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Where did all the ice go?

Just returned from, yet another, summer on Svalbard. Back in the boiling heat of Oslo and looking at my pictures to figure out which one best describes Svalbard these days. It’s not a polar bear picture, but a glacier picture. Or rather the lack-of-a-glacier picture.… Read More »Where did all the ice go?

Lost places in Lofoten

You know that you are in an exciting place when the nautical officers curse you already before breakfast. Navigating in swell between shallow reefs to get to the anchorage surrounded by cliffs is no easy feast. Good to have an experienced nautical team when the… Read More »Lost places in Lofoten

Sailing through the storm

Back in calmer waters after a bumpy ride through Kattegat and Skagerrak. Quite a few sick bags filled with passengers and crew struggling in the rolling ship. Good to be back in calmer waters again with the Norwegian coast in sight.

End of the Antarctic season

Back from another great contract in the Southern Ocean. Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falklands and Patagonia. Wild and remote places, challenging conditions, beautiful lights, great wildlife and fantastic colleagues. Not to forget plenty of ice. I’m quite thankful for the last couple of weeks. Now… Read More »End of the Antarctic season

Late season moods

Late season Antarctica has plenty to offer. Lots of wind with rough conditions, shorter days with magical sunsets and finally most of the smelly penguins have left and stopped spoiling the beautiful pristine ice. What else could one wish for?