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Startseite » Another wet feet day

Another wet feet day

And even more wet feet day. Water is forming everywhere now, with rivers and lakes all across our way. We had to open up new routes on the glacier today to avoid wading until our hips in ice water. And of course the lake keeps filling up. Probably another meter of water level increase in less than one day. Now the entire area looks like the Netherlands in a future sea level rise scenario. The weather was just crap, with strong, cold gusts, rain and snow. We decided to just do one laser scan of the entire area and install our final three timelapse cameras, before heading home. 21 cameras are out, watching every single step we take. Probably more surveillance than in any major city. A little exercise with yet another beached boat to finish off the day. Feels strange to be home before midnight. Our logistical contact person was shocked to see us home so early. We’ll surely make up for that another day.