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March 2022

Glacier mapping

Out and about. Getting glaciology students to do radar mapping on a snow covered glacier. Looking for changes resulting from climatic warming during winter and traces of the recent rain event in the snow. Mapping with snowmobiles feels a bit too easy though. No skis,… Read More »Glacier mapping

Sunday is caving day

What’s the best way to spend a sunny Sunday? Going underground and crawling in the dirt of course! What else? I managed to get back into a cave system, which I started to work with in 2015. Things have changed a lot since then. Back… Read More »Sunday is caving day

The rain is finally over

Finally managed to get out after 1.5 weeks of waiting. Too warm weather, around +5°C, with rain in the high Arctic has prevented getting out there in the past days. Now it finally got cold again, temperatures around -25°C (below -30°C with windchill). Two nice… Read More »The rain is finally over

More rain again

Another day of heavy rain on Wednesday resulting in big ponds all over town. I’m used to those lovely ice water soaked pants, boots, socks and feet from summer fieldwork, but it’s always a nice variation to get them during the coldest winter months. Particularly… Read More »More rain again