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The rain is finally over

Finally managed to get out after 1.5 weeks of waiting. Too warm weather, around +5°C, with rain in the high Arctic has prevented getting out there in the past days. Now it finally got cold again, temperatures around -25°C (below -30°C with windchill). Two nice days out in the field, teaching students cave mapping techniques. It’s been crazy to get back to the small local glacier I started working on seven years ago. I didn’t manage to revisit it for two years and the changes since then have been more than visible. The ice is disappearing fast. How will it continue? And what effect will the rain from last week have on those high Arctic glaciers. Looking at the news this afternoon might give some hints. Last week didn’t only see a heat event in the Arctic, but also in the Antarctic, where temperatures were 40°C above the normal. And the response of the natural system didn’t take long. The entire Conger Ice Shelf in East Antarctica collapsed last week. That’s the size of Rome just gone. What is yet to come?