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February 2023

Late season moods

Late season Antarctica has plenty to offer. Lots of wind with rough conditions, shorter days with magical sunsets and finally most of the smelly penguins have left and stopped spoiling the beautiful pristine ice. What else could one wish for?

The magic of ice

Even after years of working with ice, I sometimes still struggle to grasp the full extend of the beauty of ice. Ice just by itself is already of mesmerizing beauty. But presented in the right light of dusk, it’s just pure magic. Let’s keep working… Read More »The magic of ice

Another image from Patagonia

Ok, one more image from Patagonia last December before heading back south in two days time. Plenty of stories and pictures coming up soon, so make sure to follow along. Stay tuned!


Mittwoch Abend schon was vor? Wenn nicht, wie wäre es dann mit einem tiefgehenden Bericht über die Gletscher im hocharktischen Spitzbergen? In etlichen verrückten Expeditionen immer dem Wasser hinter, über die Oberfläche von gewaltigen Gletschern bis hinunter in die tiefsten Tiefen unter dem Eis. Dort… Read More »Vortragsankündigung