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Startseite » New year – new Svalbard adventures

New year – new Svalbard adventures

Snowy mountains pointing out of the clouds that hide what is happening below. It’s great to be back up in the high Arctic after five months of abstinence from the excitement of field based research. Now it’s time for abstinence from desk-based proposal writing and catching up with what is going on out in the field. I didn’t manage to glimpse the mesmerizing glaciers of Hornsund. Yet, I got some good views on a rare phenomena these days: A new tidewater glacier (or almost) on Svalbard. Don’t get too excited yet. That’s not because the glacier is growing, but due to it becoming instable last autumn and advancing with about 30 meters per day down the mountain and into the fjord. Gonna be interesting to follow how that glacier will further develop in the coming months. There is always so much exciting stuff going on with Svalbard glaciers. Always a reason to come back.