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The gas bottle

I had to wait 4.5 years to repeat my steam drilling picture with Léo. Admittedly the light was better last time. Well you can’t compare October in Hornsund with June in Kongsfjorden. Please note the size of the gas bottle we are hauling around on the glacier, while jumping over one meter wide crevasses and walking on floating ice. That’s what you get, when you ask your colleagues, who use snow mobiles and helicopters during fieldwork, to leave you a gas bottle up there. At least we didn’t have to haul it all the way up the glacier. Only a couple of moraine ridges and a lot of crevasses along with some sketchy ice. I’m sure we could use it to blow up the glacier and get the lake to drain, just in case the drainage doesn’t happen by itself before we leave. Always good to have options. Not sure about the permit situation though.