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The ice is coming up

2 days without fieldwork felt like being an alcoholic on depriviation. But finally we managed to get out again yesterday and pull a long day in the field. 9 hours at the lake in addition to all the time spent hiking up and down and driving back and forth. Time well spent. The lake level is still going up and so is the ice. The melt has increased a lot and crevasses are opening up everywhere on the glacier ice and the moraines around the lake. Existing crevasses are becoming wider and more and more ice is coming out of the water. Even bigger icebergs are all of a sudden lifted out of the water. It’s a very strange feeling to jump over crevasses and walk on ice that has been under water just three days earlier. Now all the muddy ice is out and massive crevasses are full of water. Water is mumbling below our feet as we walk on the floating ice. We got ourselves a little Arctic ice shelf to work on. The ice is constantly making noises, sounds almost like burping and farting, as it is lifting up. We finally managed to install our last GPS devices to measure the ice motion, hauling our 11 kg propan bottle over the crevasses. Let’s hope the GPSes won’t be submerged like my previous one. The last pressure sensors are in the lake as well and it looks like we have reached 30-40 m water depth. And the water is still going up. Now even fast than before. Many more exciting days ahead.