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A spooky place

Another long day on the glacier. The lake level is still going up by about 1.3 meters per day. My GPS is by now nicely centered in the middle of the lake (and probably 10 m under water). And we have reached the uplift stage. Now the glacier is slowly coming out of the water and starts to float on the lake. We finally managed to cross over to the edge of the main part of the lake and do lots of water sampling and install another pressure logger. What a spooky and at the same time exciting place (I’m crazy, I know). Standing on a piece of floating ice, while the glacier is making noises all around you. Icebergs all of a sudden start to disattach from the lake bottom and randomly pop up on the water surface. We also have massive icebergs all of a sudden at the glacier edge, that weren’t there before (2 days earlier). They used to lie at the former valley bottom, started to float on the lake, then floated over the glacier tongue that started to uplift and are now out of the water. Hard to imagine the massive forces acting here. And we are just at the beginning. The ice will further uplift and we still get new lakes forming. More spooky excitement ahead.