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It’s changing fast

The water level at the lake keeps rising and rising and rising. Luckily we moved our equipment (car battery, gas bottle,…) higher last time. It would have been under water otherwise. All the moraines are gone, everything is under water and still no drainage in sight. More shaddy crevasse hoping, balancing and climbing to reach our frontal GPSes. The poles have melted out even more and reaching them to swap batteries gets harder every day. They used to be at chest height. Our 60 m rope attached to the pole with a pressure sensor at the bottom is completely tight, meaning the lake is probably deeper than 60 m by now. When will it finally drain? We still have not received any signal from the drifters we dumped into the glacier. Waiting for the drainage system to finally switch on and the water to come out of the glacier. We have a few days left. Let’s hope it works out.