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Annoying lake

The lake starts to annoy me. It is still not draining. Now we are almost a month behind last years drainage date. We have three field days left, will lose at least one due to a big storm coming. And the lake level keeps going up. Everything is under water and it gets hard to even get around the corner of the mountain as all the flat shore parts are fully submerged. It is filling, filling and filling. At least the glacier is starting to lift up now as well. And we finally have water coming out at the glacier front, creating a massive plume and turning the entire fjord red. It was about time. The glacier fronts are also going accordingly, grumbling and calving continously. Another of these days today with 10 persons out in the field, working on the fjord, the glacier surface and at the lake simultaneously. At least we get a lot done this way. Still no signal from the drifters we dumped into the glacier, they are still stuck somewhere inside and the batteries will soon run out. Nature doesn’t want quite as I do. Why can’t the big flood catastrophe come when I order it? It will happen anyways. Oh well, three days of hope left.