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Frustration continues

Frustration continues. The lake level is still going up, even though the speed seems to have slowed down somewhat. The glacier next to the lake starts to make weird sounds. Continous cracking, buzzing and plumbing sounds. Something is going on. It’s just not draining yet. Carrying around our big gas bottle, car battery and other stuff to start cleaning up the area. We’ve also sent down more drifters into the glacier, as we found a massive moulin, which could as well have been in Greenland, judging on its size. Not even mentioning the amount of water going through. Yet, our antennas have not picked up any signal at the glacier front. So many options: the drifters might still be stuck inside the glacier, the antennas might have been too far away to pick up a signal or the sediment in the water might have interfered with the radio signal. We’ll probably never find out. One field day left, a lot of instruments still unreachable as they are underwater, others in heavily crevassed areas. I should get them all out and home tomorrow. The question is just how and in the end I’ll probably end up removing everythig the day before the drainage. Arctic field work never goes according to schedule. Would be boring otherwise.