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Installing antennas

Far too much wind to go out on Saturday, but Sunday was good. We were asked to give another group a lift to one of the islands in the fjord. Driving out there with 10 persons and a lot of gear on the boat, felt like a military cargo transporter. Turns out we couldn’t drop the other group at the planned location as a polar bear was walking along the landing site. Instead we all of a sudden had a team of ten persons to work on the glacier. What a luxury. One team dispatched to the lake. Still going up strongly. More sampling up there, collecting images and replacing GPS batteries. The ice is bulging up and the crevasses grow wider and wider. Soon we have to start building bridges over the crevasses in order to reach our equipment. While our lake team was out, we had another team working on the fjord and one team installing antennas along the beach and on the glacier. Looks quite promising. Our drifters behave the way they should and we can pick up their signal in the fjord from 3 km distance. We have some interesting days of data collection ahead of us. And somehow telling our new team arrivals that polar bears are a rare sight doesn’t seem to work quite as well, as we had another two polar bears passing by town this morning. Let’s hope they stay in the outer part of the fjord.