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Reinforcement arrived

We are up to no good. Our team size increased yesterday. Now we are a team of seven, ready to run up and down the glacier. We also received a palette full of toys, which arrived by boat on Wednesday. 25 beautiful drifters (wait until you see a picture) are getting ready to be deployed into channels, moulins and the lake on the glacier, supposively travelling through the glacier and coming out on the other side in the ocean. Leaves us with the tiny little problem of finding small devices in a massive fjord full of icebergs. The idea this time: Our devices send out their GPS position via radio. A first test today went quite well, allowing us to detect our devices in the ocean from one nautical mile distance. Let’s see how it will go at the glacier front with sediment in the water and massive icebergs breaking off the ice cliff, causing tsunami waves. Interesting days ahead.