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Startseite » What could possibly happen within 20 hours?

What could possibly happen within 20 hours?

Not much can happen in less than 20 hours. Yeah, sure. Coming back to the lake one day later and again massive changes. More tabular icebergs with other icebergs on top. And of course more water. I start to wonder if the water will soon start flowing over the moraine ridges, something I didn’t even consider just a few weeks ago. More and more crevasses are forming everywhere and the existing onces are getting wider and wider. We somehow managed, by jumping in a zigzag over several crevasses, to reach our GPS at the outermost edge of the floating ice and swap the batteries. Quite annoying to have devices that need to be regularly maintaned, when you place them in very tricky locations. Let’s see how long we can still access those instruments and if we’ll manage to retrieve them in the end. At least we don’t have to get the gas bottle over these crevasses anymore.