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Tabular icebergs

The excitement continues. Four days without having been at the lake and the changes couldn’t be bigger. Once again we struggled with recognizing the area. Everything has changed so much. The water level is still going up strongly. And so does the glacier. We have moved passed the ice shelf stage. Now we are at the stage of rifting and disintegration. Until yesterday, I’ve never seen tabular icebergs on Svalbard. But here they are. Pieces of the floating glacier breaking off, disattaching below the water level and shooting to the surface. Even more impressive: A tabular iceberg with another massive (something like 20x20x20 m) iceberg on top (you can see it in the picture). Crevasses absolutely everywhere, getting wider and deeper. Just a huge mess. All the tabular icebergs disattaching and shooting up from the lake bottom had an interesting side effect. My accidental underwater GPS came back. The pole we had drilled about 2 m into the ice came completely loose and was lying on top of one of the tabular icebergs, completely bended. Must have had a collision with one of the icebergs. We managed to pull in the pole, using the rope attached to the pressure sensor. What impressed me: The GPS was completely dry inside. Clearly duct taping the entire box helped. and duct tape has once more proven to be the most important tool in the field. It can even increase the pressure ratings of a GPS down to 30 m water depth. Now I only have to figure out how I can reach the GPS we installed last time, as a massive crevasse currently prevents access. Probem for another day.