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It’s a wrap

We are done, having left Ny-Ålesund yesterday. Part of the team has boarded the plane and left the island, a few members are still out, hoping for a late drainage. We didn’t capture the drainage yet, but we still collected a massive amount of interdisciplinary data. Putting this project together took a lot of time and effort but it was a great pleasure to see everything working out in the end, puzzle pieces falling in place and different groups joining efforts to work on a common problem. Yes, the lake wasn’t cooperative, but all the people involved were. And we had a fantastic and super strong team out in the field. Hiked 340 km up and down the glacier with a lot of heavy crap on our backs (I barely ever had a backpack below 20 kg, mostly around 25 kg). Boated more than 1500 km with a lot of tricky swell and ice in the water on an open boat. Not gonna speak about all the various instruments we took up and down the glacier, the massive amounts of samples and measurements collected in various places and all the collaborations established. We had a great time out in the field and it would surely not have been possible without the help of all the lovely people in Ny-Ålesund. I’m extremely grateful for all the support we got along the way. Also for all the comments and input we received from the folks following our progress from a distance. Now I just have to figure out how I can continue this work, as the end of my contract is coming up on the horizon and there is still so much to be figured out. The work has really just begun (also when it comes to the processing of all that data). But for now the fieldwork is over. Time to find more research funding. But first I have a couple of weeks on ships around Svalbard coming up. An exciting prospect after 1.5 years without boarding ships. Thanks everyone involved and see you around!