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Unpleasant surprises

Another of those exciting unpredictable Arctic days. Starting out at 6 am with a luggage drop in the harbour for boat transport. 15 m/s wind, snow, ran, fog, 6 m waves. No idea if our equipment would even make it. In the afternoon everything calmed down and we good pretty amazing flying conditions. Even our luggage made it in time by boat (very differen from last years experience). Glacier conditions look pretty good from the air. And then there are the interesting consequences of a research town on “lockdown” due to a new weapon law from the government nobody knew about until it was enforced two days ago. All of a sudden almost nobody can leave town anymore as you need a weapon for that and field work activities cease. Now everybody applies frantically to the governor for permits to start up research activities again, but nobody knows how long that will take. Luckily I had all my paperwork in place. Welcome to the unpredictability of Arctic fieldwork. Curious to see the consequences of the new regulations on the expedition industry as most internationals are pretty screwed…