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The plan

No pictures from our shooting training today. Instead I’ll finally tell you what we are up to in the coming two months. It’s a slightly more complex project this time, which took me about 10 months and a lot of proposals to put together. We’ll be studying a glacier lake close to Ny-Ålesund. The lake started forming this week and it will keep filling up in the coming weeks with the snow melt. At some point part of the ice next to the lake will start floating and go up 10-15 m and probably around July the whole lake will catastrophically drain out into the fjord within 1-2 days, causing a glacier acceleration and massive water input into the fjord. We’ll try to measure this drainage from various aspects: With satellites from space, timelapse cameras and laser on ground, bathymetric mapping in the fjord, drifters, GPS devices and there will also be a lot of water sampling to determine the nutrient flux into the fjord during the drainage to assess the consequences on the marine ecosystem. Pretty exciting project with lots of risks and uncertainties. Particularly the part of hiking up a snow-covered surging glacier with loads of moulins during the snow melt. Some interesting weeks ahead. Stay tuned for updates from crazy fieldwork.