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Startseite » 4 months of Svalbard fieldwork finished

4 months of Svalbard fieldwork finished

It’s a wrap. Back in town after four months of crazy projects. It’s a strange feeling to be back in “civilization”, looking at the glaciers where I started my scientific work. They’ve clearly been melting away quite a bit since then. I’ve got to work on quite a few larger glaciers since then, especially this summer. And the things I’ve seen are not very reassuring. Before getting on my last project I thought I had seen crazy and fast changes up here. Oh boy was I wrong. I got to witness yet another crazy place. Looking over an ocean that used to be a glacier just weeks before and seeing how the ice keeps crumbling away. It is a strange feeling, a mixture of fascination and awe in light of the tremendous powers of water. It was a great honor to work among a team of amazing individuals to document the crazy stuff that is going on and at the same time make insane ideas, I had for years, come to life. Svalbard, you’ve surprised me once again.