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The final project phase

This morning Clione pulled in the harbour, starting the final phase of our project. Or so we thought. The ship was supposed to map the sea floor after the lake had drained out into the ocean to see the impact the flood event had on the bottom of the sea. Well they are still going mapping and will get amazing data, but the lake is still there. Growing as always. We left two team members on the ship in order to get a few more chances to eventually capture the lake drainage. But in the mean time we’ll get high resolution maps from the sea floor close to the glacier front showing the dynamics of the glacier retreat in the fjord. Curious to see the data in the end. I’m particularly interested in one specific area: The place close to the glacier front where we deployed our mooring a few weeks ago. It used to be in place nicely for many weeks, but about 1.5 weeks ago it all of a sudden disappeared and we don’t know if it was lost due to icebergs pushing it out of the fjord of if the strong currents coming from the glacier just pulled the buoy under water. The sea floor mapping will tell and then I guess I migth need an underwater robot (if I’m lucky). Always fun to deal with the unexpected.