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Wet feet

Trying to reach a small glacier nearby today to practice crevasse rescue under real conditions. In summer it takes me around one hour to walk there. Well, early June is not quite summer yet when the snow is still blowing in your face. Walking with snow until our hips and in parts we had about one meter of ice water hidden under the snow. It’s funny how heavy hiking boots and woolen socks get once they are fully submerged in icy water and the waves are rolling back and forth inside your boots. And as long as you are walking the water inside the boots becomes warm and it feels like standing with your feet in semy cold water at a beach with the waves rolling over them. Just don’t stop, as the water cools down again fast. After 2.5 hours snow plowing and wading, we reached the glacier. Last little problem: Crossing a more than one meter deep pool of ice water. Oh well, you don’t need a glacier to practice crevasse rescue after all. Maybe another day.