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Dreaming of ice

Dreaming of ice, while sitting in self-isolation, preparing to embark on my next research mission. Originally I had planned to stay on Svalbard for two months, now it ended up being four months. Months fully packed with loads of work and staggering experiences. Experiences that… Read More »Dreaming of ice

Food for thought

This summer in the Arctic is yet another summer full of food for thoughts. Spending weeks and months hiking up and down glaciers to see melt everywhere and doomsday like glacier sceneries. Exploring remote islands just to find tons of litter and beaches where it… Read More »Food for thought

It’s a wrap

We are done, having left Ny-Ålesund yesterday. Part of the team has boarded the plane and left the island, a few members are still out, hoping for a late drainage. We didn’t capture the drainage yet, but we still collected a massive amount of interdisciplinary… Read More »It’s a wrap

Leaving Ny-Ålesund

That was that. Leaving Ny-Ålesund after almost two months. Flying out and looking down on the lake. The water level is still going up. Seems to be a pattern here. At some point the lake will drain, but everything seems to be three weeks behind… Read More »Leaving Ny-Ålesund